CAM CREDITS, Inc. - The Collection People

Debt Collection

We at Cam Credits, Inc. have been collecting all kinds of debt for over two decades. We have two divisions: precollect and direct collection.

Our precollect service is priced by the letter. We offer a one or two-letter series completed within 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, if you have been paid by the debtor, you owe us nothing more than the price of the letter which is priced at $10.00 per letter. If the debtor fails to respond to the letter the account transfers to our direct collection department where the direct commission rate becomes effective.

Our direct collection department handles everything from Non-sufficient Fund (NSF) checks (see our Check Collection tab), open accounts, medical and dental accounts to commercial accounts, rental accounts and Judgments. Realistically if you have a collection need, we are able to fulfill that need. We use every resource available from neighbors to sophisticated internet search engines to locate debtors. We also research assets which enables us to effectively liquidate the debts turned to us for collection. State-of-the-art technology coupled with our staff of experienced collection specialists keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and a formidable team working to improve your bottom line.