CAM CREDITS, Inc. - The Collection People

We Collect Bad Checks!

• We accept any size returned check – nothing is too large or too small.

• We will arrange to accept checks directly from your bank so checks get the immediate collection effort they require or we will pick up checks from your business.

• No up-front fees

• We add $25.00 to each check referred for collection and when we collect we remit 50% of the total to you.

Example: $15.00 check + $25.00 check charge = $40.00
We collect $40.00 and remit $20.00 to you.

• Cam Credits, Inc. is locally owned but nationally affiliated . We can collect anywhere.

• We provide notice to allow prosecution if that becomes necessary.

• We cooperate fully with the District Attorney’s office if prosecution is required to recover your money.

• We submit our returned check information to a national data base to help get your check collected and stop bad check writers in the act.