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CCI - The Collection People

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Cam Credits, Inc. is your local accounts receivable services company with an international network to accomplish all of your credit and collection needs.

With an office in La Grande in Eastern Oregon, we specialize in our five-county area of Oregon. Still, in light of our affiliation with the Oregon Collectors Association and ACA International, we literally cover the world.

Our services include accounts receivable consulting, skip-tracing, account billing, precollection, and debt collection.

We have been meeting the needs of our clients since 1977. We look forward to continuing to meet your needs in an ever-changing environment.

Debt Collection

We at Cam Credits, Inc. have been collecting all kinds of debt for over two decades. We have two divisions: precollect and direct collection.

Our direct collection department handles everything from non-sufficient Fund (NSF) checks, open accounts, medical and dental accounts to commercial accounts, rental accounts, and judgments.

Accounts Receivable Consulting

At Cam Credits, Inc. we are dedicated to making your accounts receivable processes as easy, efficient and effective for you as possible. Let our credit and collection experts help you transform your Accounts Receivable system into a competitive advantage; minimizing losses, increasing service and putting more on the bottom line.

NSF Check Collection

We collect bad checks! Nothing is too large or too small. No up-front fees, and we can collect anywhere in the USA.

Our Mission

To provide accounts receivable and collection services to our clients in a profitable, ethical and professional manner.

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